View Full Version : Undervolting G752VS i7 7700HQ

08-26-2018, 04:40 AM
I won't to undervolt my laptop G752VS i7 7700HQ 304bios
I try xtu bad experience with this program
I try -150mv = crash
-125mv = crash on benchmark
-110mv all ok but pay attention please I didn't save the profile in any of my changes, I played a game and everything was ok
When I restart my unit everything was black
My unit makes restart loop (no loading no even bios) I was very nervous because the service in Greece is tearable
After trying a hour I enter in bios I flash bios again I make a fresh install on windows and everything is like a charm ��

Next try is throttlestop
So let's start again -120mv crash on benchmark
-100mv crash
On extreme mode
So my question is:
1 I have to uninstall Gaming Center ?(turbo gear ) to have a stable undervolting
2 I have try the Notebook fan but the max fan speed is not what I won't
What I am doing worng ??

I best test was with ajust the cpu on 99% on power manager

08-27-2018, 05:17 PM
First of all uninstall ROG Gaming Center with Revo Uninstaller (so all files could be deleted), then set BIOS settings to default. And only then try to undervolt