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02-07-2012, 05:02 PM
Hi guys!

Looking at the forum-posts I am deeply humbled by the jaw-dropping casemods and complete builds you unbelieveably talented people have shared. However, I have made some changes to my HAF932 Advanced and concidering the tools and recources I had at hand I am fairly pleased with the result.

What I did was to get rid of the left sidepanel alltogether as it was a mess with 4 different "design elements", replacing it with a perspex window. I cut a hole for the 230mm fan fairly low for two reasons:

1) To avoid the radiators and fans of the Noctua NH-D14

2) To achieve more efficient cooling of the single GTX 560Ti I have so far, will upgrade to one more in a short time

What remains to be done is:

A) Turn the sidefan 180 degrees clockwise so that the cable will be less visible.
B) Exchange the WD HDD for one more SSD and place that and the one I already have down on the "floor" of the case.
C) Install a 120mm fan in the lower parts of the 5,25" bay area enabeling an optimized airflow for the CPU.

And on the wish-list is:

1) Go liquid! I'm thinking a 360 rad in top and reservoir in upper parts of the 5,25" bay area where ingeniously enough, CoolerMaster have made arrangements for a filler-cap. Of course, I have to do some more cutting to avoid uncontrolled and unfiltered air seeping in/out of the mesh between the fan and the unmeshed case panels.
2) Finding a way to implement the R.O.G. logo in the sidepanel. Maybe using some form of acid to etch or sand/glassblasting exposed area while the areas I want to be transparent are covered up. I tried using a Dremel on a few pieces of PMMA I had, not very successfully to say the least. Before you know it the engraving bit wil dig down and in the end you'll end up with an engraved area that is anything but smooth and even.
What I need to decide as well is: Should the R.O.G. logo be monochrome, should it be as close to the original as possible or should it just be an outlined version. I need to pay attention to the fact that perspex afterall is just a fancy name for plastic and scratches are unavoidable if I'm not as careful as a male hedgehog trying to make a name for himself!

And this is where you guys enter the stage! If you have any ideas, tips or suggestions feel free to comment. In fact, I beg you prettypleasewithacherryandcreamontop!

Best regards,


PS! Next time I'll even make an effort to find my Tripod to produce even crisper, sharper images than the ones I have attached now (if possible)!

04-06-2012, 05:22 AM
nice build you got there as for the sticker...nice idea!!