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Ajax Gaming
09-15-2018, 02:46 AM
Hey all, I bought my Asus Rog 751JT 2 years ago. I have not had any problems with it until this past April when I noticed that sometimes when I would plug in my adapter the green battery light would NOT come on. After googling around for why this was, I noticed a lot of people say that their laptops would go onto battery power whilst gaming or doing high intensive activities. This never happened to me...

Until today. My laptop is constantly going off of A/C power when gaming and going to battery only, and eventually it can no longer recognize it is plugged in unless I exit the game or turn off the laptop. During light browsing, Netflix, and low intensive games, this is not an issue, it stays on A/C power. However I have noticed that my Event Viewer is being littered with "Power Source Change" messages a few seconds between each other as if it is changing from A/c to battery dating back to late July. There are TONS of these messages, even during light usage (though I haven't noticed the battery light flicker or go off during anything other than gaming) This message occurs every time you unplug your A/c and go to battery and vice versa. This tells me that there is some kind of problem with the power getting from my adapter to the jack it is plugged into. It cannot consistently get the wattage needed to play high GPU usage games.

It is all original parts/the original adapter. There is no visible damage anywhere.

How much would it cost to get this fixed by ASUS? And what would need to be replaced, do you think? It's pretty obvious to me something is broken, and I don't think it's something I can replace on my own. Many searches yielded that users getting a new adapter did NOT solve the issue. And they're something like $140 so I don't want to do that and then have it not work.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, this is very disheartening as it has essentially ripped the "gaming" out of my gaming laptop.

It's the same exact problem as described by the user https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?98558-Asus-G751-switches-to-battery-when-playing-intensive-games

But I'm not tech savvy enough to really understand the proposed solutions so I think a new thread was necessary for my problem. I have emailed Asus support but figured a thread here can't hurt either.

Ajax Gaming
09-15-2018, 05:00 PM
Update - Now it is having trouble plugging into A/C in general. If a game like World of Warcraft is booted up, it takes it off A/C power almost immediately and it takes several attempts to get it back to A/C power. So this unit definitely needs to be fixed either by myself or a professional (which I'd prefer).

However, Asus support sent me a generic reply back...is there a streamlined way to get a quote on a service center fix? What's the general ETA on that kind of a thing? I use this machine for work/travel so I'd need to know if I need a temporary replacement.