View Full Version : Everytime i reboot MpSigStub.exe wuauclt.exe MsMpEng.exe freeze my rig for 15minutes

09-22-2018, 08:39 PM

Every time I restart my laptop one or more of the following programs take up 100% of my system hard drive's read/write time for 15+ minutes.. in other words, for 15+ minutes my rig is paralyzed until these processes finish...google says the programs are from Microsoft and check for updates and/or malware but seriously, every time i reboot?!


I have windows 10 v1803 (17134.286) , my system disk is a SSD.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

09-23-2018, 10:26 PM
i just noticed,
if i turn off wifi/internet before i restart the laptop, when the laptop turns back on, there is no 15 minute read/write @ 100%
and if i turn back on the wifi before a restart, when it loads windows the 15 minute read/write @ 100% re-appears.