View Full Version : Asus strix z370i gaming i5 8600k overheat

09-30-2018, 12:03 AM
Iíve an Asus strix z370i with a i5 8600k and a 1070ti and an AIO cooler master masterliquid.

I didnít have thermal paste at first so I assembled it without and already in the bios it was at 70c so I turned it off immediately and went to buy some (not great quality though).

Now it run at 40c but if I try to even barely, under usage it goes over 90c (in the bios there are 3 options, normal, fast and another one, if not in normal it will overheat).

Is it possible that, for some reason, there is too much space between cpu and AIO and so the cooking isnít working well? Otherwise it seems to me that even if itís a 8600k itíll not be possible to oc it and it seems so strange.

I tried everything, lees paste, more paste, remove some spacers for the AIO to be sure that itíll go as down as possible but nothing improved the situation.

Is it possible that the metal holder of the cpu isnít correctly placed (I had to force it a little bit to close it) and so it doesnít allow the AIO to completely touch the cpu (and so the heat is moved only by the paste)?

Is it a normal situation? What do you think/suggest?

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