View Full Version : Problem with ASUS GX900 mouse

02-09-2012, 04:21 PM
I bought a gaming mouse Asus ROG GX900. This mouse is stuttering in 2 games (another 7 games not). In Battlefield 3 and Team Fortress 2, while I moving with mouse and looking, it stutter and lags on 3 FPS! Itīs totally unplayable. With another mouse it runs at 30 fps (BF3). I tried to uninstal software, uninstall graphic driver, and tried to install different versions. Itīs impossible, that mouse for 30€ has a problem with best multiplayer games. I also tried to uninstall and delete different mouse drivers in device manager. In game, I tried to play with different settings, and Raw input. Come on Asus, try to optimize that mouse for Battlefield 3!!