View Full Version : Asus Warranty on Ryujin and Ryuo AIO's is complete joke - beware of poor quality?!

10-28-2018, 08:16 PM
Asus Warranty on Ryujin and Ryuo AIO's is complete joke. Simple as that. Whoever decided on that should do a better market research beforehand unless it was a deliberate decision (which would hint at poor quality of ASUS cooling?).

They offer only 3 years of warranty on their "top of the line" 360mm Ryujin cooler.


NZXT KRAKEN series - from smallest 120mm X42 to biggest X72 they have 6 YEARS warranty

Corsair Hydro series - from smallest unit to biggest 360mm they have 5 YEARS warranty

EVGA CLC units - from smallest 120mm to 280mm they have 5 YEAR warranty

Cooler Master Master Pro main line - for all Pro units 5 YEAR warranty

You seeing the pattern ASUS? Other companies stand behind their product and when it comes to something so critical as liquid cooling (where failure can cause $1000 of damages) such declaration of product longevity is critical. Because yes, warranty of X years is manufacturer declaration that they believe their product will last X years.