View Full Version : ROG AREION 10G Conn Speed listed at 1Gbps?

11-05-2018, 08:18 AM
Hello all

Is probably a ignorant question, but I just recently got done building a new Zenith Extreme system and have been trying out the ROG Areion 10G card that came with the board that while yes the rest of everything its connected to, (which isn't much as is being plugged right into my router which goes right to my internet cable modem) is mechanical capped at 1 Gbps by its specs, still I am puzzled as to why for any related properties for this card it seems to report it as a 1Gbps card?

So is it just something like that as since its connected to things that can only go to 1Gbps it goes into some kind of limited mode like that, or could there be some other reason?

Note: I get that its not going to over 1Gbps in being connected to such things, but all in all anything that is spec'ed to go 1Gbps never does either...but yet those things still report that for the max type of connection.

Thanks for any help.

04-20-2019, 12:15 AM
It's probably auto-negotiating to your 1gb connection. The card will never sync higher than the given connection of the internet modem. My guess is you can manually set it to 10gb but that would probably result in lowered performance on the 1gb internet modem. You are all set for the future when anything higher then 1gb ie:10gb becomes the next standard for home internet.

Right now it will sync to the highest possible connection and report that. I would also say if you have something like 100mb internet connection speed to that 1gb internet modem you won't go much higher then 100mb throughput speed as it is throttled at that level of service.