View Full Version : Upgrading to a bigger and faster SSD (GU501GM)

11-12-2018, 03:19 AM
Hey y'all! First off, I just would like you to know that this is my first time buying a gaming laptop, always been a desktop person, but considering that every time I move places, I have to leave my desktop and sell it. I decided to buy myself a laptop. Anyhow, I got the ASUS ROG GU501GM and although I do not have any plan right now to upgrade the SSD, for sure I will do upgrade this in the future, so here are my questions:

1) If I am planning to upgrade the SSD that holds the OS, how do I do the transfer so as to preserve all the files and OS of the original SSD? I did some research awhile ago and read about cloning, how will I do the cloning if I only have 1 slot for the SSD? Do I do SSD(original)>HD cloning then HD>NVME M.2(Replacement) transfer? Or is there an easier way around this like buying an adapter and doing the cloning SSD>SSD?

2) Second option I am thinking is that, I will just upgrade the HD that I have and just put SSD on it or a bigger capacity HD. How will I transfer the files from my HD to the SSD that I plan on replacing it with? Do I need to buy those adapters for SSDs?

I am really sorry for asking newbie questions as this is my first time, I am even afraid on opening my laptop HAHA, but anyway, thank you so much and I appreciate the help! Cheers!

11-14-2018, 10:11 PM
1) I would create an image of the NVMe and put it on the HDD. Replace the NVMe and restore the image from HDD to NVMe.

2) if the contents of the HDD is smaller than the new NVMe you can just copy it over.

It is a process but it requires no extra purchases.