View Full Version : For ALL Disconnect ISSUSE/LEFT/RIGHT/Click bugs check here

11-14-2018, 08:17 AM
Hello I have had an ASUS Rog Gladius II since last summer, not doubt it has the best mouse for the all time but also hell of a bug. But Since that day it bugged out I haven't manage to get it to be unbuggy, I have in someway manage to get l loose from the holding down bug or not responding to clicks bug for my mouse, My Model Number are:
ASUS Rogue Gladius II

What I have done was that part where you go on device manager and "uncheck allow computer to disconnect this device" on all USB devices that's either a headset, mice or keyboard.

But this wasn't the breakthrough!

Breakthrough was using a program called REVO Uninstaller and deleted every single FILE from registry and everything that's appearing from MODERATED mode

And then made a complete clean install and updated everything, and for some reason, "the device changes on" - uncheck allow computer to disconnect this device, was still saved and everything is now up-to-date. But I recommend everyone having this issue NOT solved try REVO UNINSTALLER and completely remove everything it can found thats related with ROG Armory in Moderate uninstall mode so it has to reinstall potential everything, there is appearently something that's maybe are issuing with the program if you install it after the Armory? idk, hopefully this can help at least 1 person.

Sry for bad language or grammer