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11-26-2018, 12:24 AM
Good night.
I have a notebook asus g752vs and when doing system stress test (cpu and gpu) with less than 2 minutes the aida 64 program informs that this is overheating and cragging of the cpu. The cpu gets to be with more than 90 degrees of temperature. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
Does anyone know how the cooling system works for this notebook? Intel i7 processor 6820hk, gtx 1070, 16gb ram, 516gb ssd.

11-27-2018, 07:57 PM
Sounds like your laptop needs to be repasted (both CPU and GPU). This will help temper the heat.

11-27-2018, 08:37 PM
G752 cooling is pretty robust. 90c seems pretty high, but you do have a HK processor. Are you overclockling the processor? Overclocking the ram? If those are at default and you're still getting those high of temps, it may be worth it to repaste, but that can be involved and I wouldnt attempt it unless you are comfortable doing so. Some people have posted worthwhile results in these forums doing a repaste of thermal compound on both the GPU/CPU.

11-27-2018, 08:52 PM
Is this a new development on a machine with a lot of use?
Ive never felt the need to stress test my G752VY so never had any overheating issues.

12-10-2018, 09:18 PM
I was worried with my readings from the ROG gaming center. I noticed that when viewing via the windows diagnostics the temperatures were not as high.

In my limited experience issues are 99.9% software conflict related and 0.01% hardware related.

01-01-2019, 01:13 PM
Do you get such high temperatures when gaming and doing ordiary stuff?
If yes then repaste if no then don't worry about it.

Stress test is there to test stability its not there to test how high/low your cpu can reach in C.

It puts synthetic stress on your cpu that you won't reach in everyday use.