View Full Version : Asus G751JY Indicator Problem

12-06-2018, 04:51 AM
Hello, i have an Asus G751JY for over a year now and i am happy with it except for the battery. Now 6 months ago the battery started not to charge to 100% and will only charge to like 88 or 89%, now i know the battery is the fault and that i would have to change it. Because of this the charging indicator led never changes to GREEN and is always ORANGE when i plug it in. The battery does still charge to 88 or 89% and the LED is always ORANGE, but today when i turned it on and plugged my charger in the ORANGE LED indicator does not turn on either. I thought it must be a problem with the charger but in windows i can still see that the battery is charging and the charger is plugged in and i still get the charge till 88 or 89%. Can anyone help me out here? The other LEDs are working fine except for the battery. Has the LED burnt out? Do i have to change the LED only? Do i have to change the whole strip? Can anyone link me to the part? Thanks