View Full Version : Aura Terminal LED Strips DOA/After Setup

12-07-2018, 03:18 AM
So I got the Aura Terminal a couple days ago and today I set it up. I applied the adhesive strips on my monitor how I wanted them laid out. Plugged in the strips and connectors and everything was great. All the LED strips worked. I mounted them and in the process of doing wire management the long one went out. Completely dead. I tried all 3 cables with it and all 4 header ports nothing. Then one of the short ones also went out other than one LED that is having a seizure. I even tried chaining the non working ones to the one that is working.

Is it something that could have happened with the software install? Anyone else experience said issues?

I could just return it to amazon if that is the best plan. I would rather just have Asus send me out new LED strips tbh.