View Full Version : Support sending me in circles.

12-10-2018, 05:54 PM
The story goes like this:
I buy a product from Komplett: Z390-F
The product is listed as part of the Nordic COD BO4 Campaign.

I get my product, and I want to get my COD BO4 code.
I go to the site and try to redeem my promotion code.
I get an error on step 4, i can't select the Z390-F.
I make a support claim on asus.com
They tell me to write to offers@asuspromotions.com
They decline it saying it's not their department, telling me to call the support line in Denmark.
I call the support line, telling me to try and fill another support claim on the site.
Support answer was: Write to offers@asuspromotions.com
E-mail answer told me to call support line.
You get the gist of it.

Now I've called the support line 3 times, sent about 10 different emails just to get my code because your site is lacking in function.