View Full Version : gpu tweak acting strange after new monitor

12-13-2018, 07:05 PM
So i just got a new second monitor and everytime i try to apply overclocking settings it turns off and on for a second or 2 which i really strange since i never had that issue with my old 2nd monitor. Also for some reason my core clock starts out low sometimes after a restart and idles at around 100-200 mhz and after a while spikes to the 1569 mhz it normally idles at.

here is a picture of my core clock right after a restart which is low and ended up spiking up to 1569 after 10-15 minutes making my second screen flicker alot :(


12-14-2018, 11:16 PM
switching second monitor to main and turning it back to second fixes the problem but after a restart it is still the same :(

any help?