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12-17-2018, 06:02 AM
Good Day Dear All,

I want to check 1 thing and if it is still not implemented suggest to make it.

The thing i will be talking about is dynamic marcos play while key is pressed. What does it means - when ever u press the button on your mouse to which the macros is binded to the macro starts to run and replays until the button will be released as an addition tool it is useful also to choose will the macro will be completed up to end or just stop the very same time you are releasing the button.

What does it gives and what is it used for:
This function is very useful for dynamic rotations in MMO when ever u have some fixed rotation of skills, but u are waiting for some ability to proc, or the boss or other players will do something that u need react immediately and stop the preset rotation and start doing something else.

I am presently succsefully using the same function on my MadCatz MMO TE mouse, but i am a big fan of asus and all asus gaming gear. That's why i already bought Asus rog spatha mouse.

I will appreciate very much if u will tell me how to achive the described function using present version of softwear or implement it in future.

12-17-2018, 09:01 AM
Do you mean a hold button like the DPI Shift on the Gladius II?

12-18-2018, 05:59 AM
Do you mean a hold button like the DPI Shift on the Gladius II?

Dont have Gladius II, an i am not about dpi.

I will try to explain other way:
For example I do a marcro which will contain "A" "B" "C". Now i i will open text editor and press this macro key i will see text string "ABCABCABCABCAB..." until i will release the macro key. Then the very same time i release the key it will stop and i will see "....ABCABCAB".
Give a life example - have 3 spells which i want to cast each time it is out of cooldown. So i want to spam keys "A" "B" "C" , but when i will be out of mana - i want to spam key "D" "E" "F" and for that i will have the 2nd macro. No need to click the button 1 million times before that happens. U just hold it pressed until u want it to continue

01-12-2019, 05:12 AM
Finally i have made all the test with my Just Arrived Asus Rog Spatha.
Toggle option in macro menu is great!!! I love it. But it is still not the thing that many MMO gamers will use in fight.
If u can just add a function in this menu "Play while pressed".

Now u have - 1) Toggle
2) Number of Play
3) Play Once
Since in "Number of Play" u can put "1" the last option is kinda useless. But if it will the thing what i am telling about - it will be really great!