View Full Version : Armory Freezing and not loading mouse

12-20-2018, 04:51 AM
I bought a ROG Spartha and Claymore about 3 months ago. I havent used them yet as I dont have the right environment (currently using my bed as I dont have a desk). I tried setting rbg colours today and Armory just keeps freezing or if it decides to work it wont load my Spartha profile, I get the image of the mouse in the background with the 4 horizontal loading dots. My Claymore keyboard loads fine. I have deleted Armory and Re-downloaded it but get the same results. I read that you cant use Aura Sync and Armory together (Which I think is stupid) and I downloaded Aura Sync a while ago but i went to try and uninstall it but cant find it anywhere. WTF is going on here?7770377703[ATTACH=CONFIG]77704

12-20-2018, 06:36 AM
Is your Spatha switched on? Looks like Armoury is looking for it.
Do you have firmware 1.72 (mouse) and 1.32 (dock)?

Both Aura and Armoury can run at the same time, you just need to unsync peripherals and headsets in Aura before loading Armoury (allowing it to assume lighting controls).

Since Armoury II is running, it means your Claymore and Spatha are not synced in Aura. You can update to the latest version of Aura which will remove the older one if still there.

Make sure to not connect both the Spatha and its dock. It was not designed that way so there may be unexpected behavior.