View Full Version : ROG G703RI,GX501RI insane prices!

12-25-2018, 12:28 AM
They planning to put in ROG G703GI a i9-9950HK and RTX2080 (not Max-Q) and they will be asking 4500 for a version with one 256Gb SSD and 32GB RAM
You read it right $4500. Absolutely insane. A version with 64GB RAM 2 256Gb SSDs and XBOX controller will reach $4700 or more. With insurance it will easily be over $5k mark.
It will be 4x more $ then G752vy with GTX980m!

Not to mention ROG Zephyrus with i7-8750H and GTX1080(Max-Q version) 16GB RAM and one 512SSD goes for $2899, so the addition of RTX2080(Max-Q) will rise price to $3199 or even more.
Plan is to put RI to mark adoption of RTX, but HI is an option too.

Absolutely insane prices. No? Write your opinions below.
Who will buy those anyway?

12-25-2018, 03:24 AM
Top-tier gaming laptops usually cost $4K~$6K+ these days, regardless which OEM you choose.
Extreme CPU and GPU parts always cost premium, mobile versions always cost even more premium. Intel and NVidia should be blamed more than Asus.

There are valid niches which require maximum mobile performance. There are people who need to render or compute while mobile, who just can't use far more powerful (and economical) fixed desktops/workstations/networks/racks for whatever technical reason. And we could all benefit from mobile platforms capable of pushing faster fps at higher quality.

But there comes a point where the mobile hardware is able to run the games well enough, where the heavy computing workload can be shifted onto heavy-duty (non-mobile) hardware. Anything beyond that point is just luxury items and lifestyle choices, the laptop equivalents of $2000 smartphones. Some people pay more because they expect the most expensive item is automatically the "best" item. Some people pay more to buy brand or fashion instead of buying tech. But whatever the reasons might be, vendors will keep selling at these prices because people will keep buying at these prices, no reason to hate those who want to pay "insane" prices for their toys.

12-26-2018, 10:42 AM
Yeah I know Intel and Nvidia are those to blame, because they ask 4x more for a part that is just 20-30% faster then two generations back one (i7-6700HQ gtx980m compared to i9-8750hk , RTX2080 mobile). All I am saying it is to much for a part that is just marginally faster. Why can they ask so much because people will pay. Well it that case Asus G703 2 gens in the future,considering prices rise will cost $10000 for a rtx4080 mobile and some i11-9870hk for a laptop just 20% faster than i9-9750 and rtx2080 mobile.
All I am saying it is just not worth the asking price. And I agree with you Korth that G703 and Zephyrus are becoming just toys for rich people or at lest they will be in two 2 gens as they cost $10000 a piece.

Arne Saknussemm
12-26-2018, 10:52 AM
A price can only be as insane as the person who pays it...

01-06-2019, 03:04 PM
Is there any news when they want to release the new version of the G703RI if it is even called that way?