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01-03-2019, 08:48 PM

As many of you know, the Asus ROG G703GI gaming laptop requires two AC adapters to be plugged in. In some cases, it is possible to only use one, but if really pushing the hardware, two AC adapters are necessary.

The problem is, I am often on-the-go and show up to support many on-site projects. I am in situations where I often need to hurry out of my home office or rush back into my home office and get plugged in and set up ASAP! After about 6 months of using my Asus G703GI, one of my biggest complaints is that I only have one set of 2 AC adapters, and it would be much more helpful if I had a second set of AC adapters that were secured behind my desk so that I could quickly and easily get plugged in without having to wrap/fasten the two adapters every time I come and go to and from my home office.

I am having a lot of trouble finding any Asus AC adapters for the G703GI anywhere. The AC adapter is not on the list of products at the Asus ROG store when visiting the G703GI page. To make matters even more confusing, the Asus product specification section does not provide any detail about this particular Asus adapter.

I assume that the AC adapter is 230W, but other than that, I have very few details to go by when searching for alternative websites to purchase an additional set of AC adapters. I was hoping that perhaps someone could point me in the right direction with where I can find additional AC adapters for this laptop. I know it may not sound like such a big deal, but it really would save a tremendous amount of time when taking a larger time span of two or three years of usage out of this laptop.



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02-23-2019, 01:48 AM

Sorry for the delay, but if you check under your AC adapter for the output specifications, it should mention 20V, 14A for 280W (20V x 14A = 280W) and I'm showing the tip is 6mm in diameter.

It's probably still not available yet and may take more time, but we're planning to sell the G703GI 280W adapter pn 90XB01QN-BPW010 in the U.S. through ASUS distribution, so hopefully you can find it from a U.S. ASUS reseller soon or they can order it for you.