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01-05-2019, 08:21 AM
Hi there folks!

First of all, I apologize if this isn't the right place to create this kind of topic!

Can anyone help me figure out what's the problem here? I can only play games like Dead Cells, Stardew Valley, Bastion, Celeste, Iconoclasts, to name a few, but, when I'm trying to play "heavier" games like GTAV, Far Cry 5, Wildlands, Civilization 6, The Witcher 3, etc. etc. (pretty much all of them on low settings obviously), laptop shutsdown instantly, no strange beeps, no bsod or whatever. When I turn it on again and looking at the events in Windows, there's nothing in there. I applied some thermal paste on cpu/gpu thinking maybe it was necesary but it doesn't seem to be the problem, at least not completely? Obviously I cleaned everything I could before applying, cleaned the fans as well and all that stuff carefully. Temps dropped a bit which is always good. I have this laptop since 2013 and I've played all those heavy games mentioned above pretty much everyday until last year or so. Nowadays I play only the small 2d side-scrollers pixelated games that do not "eat" a lot hardware. I did encoding as well with no problems with Premiere Pro, Pinnacle Studio. Have to mention that the battery is dead since long time ago and I'm always connected to power cord.
Now, here's what's strange -- to me at least -- is that I ran some benchmarks/stress tests on CPU (with RealBench, from somewhere around this website/forum) and GPU respectively with FurMark and 3DMark. With Furmark (FHD test) it was all good (no shutdown). However, with 3DMark it shutsdown no matter what type of stress tests/benchmark I picked (Fire Strike, Time Spy, Sky Diver), it loads whatever it loads, then it shutsdown. I attached some files/screenshots (see below). If there's anything else I need to provide, let me know!

PS: Sorry for the long post, but I tried to give a detailed info!

01-05-2019, 02:12 PM
My best guess is it's over heating and when it does it automatically shutdown the system. My laptop also do this so I'm just basing my answer on what I experience, maybe other has a different answer than mine. Hope it helps.

01-05-2019, 06:04 PM
My guess is this is GPU induced. Realbench is more of a CPU workload. Have you run prime95? If it makes it past a minute of that it’s not heat which I don’t think that’s the issue. Might just need to be cleaned and heat sinks repasted. You have keep in mind that this is 7 year old technology which in the realm of PCs equates to the*Mesozoic period. A machine that old is incapable of rendering current titles. When I see your GPU core at 135MHz *and compare that to my aging used to be flagship model G752VY at 1024Mhz it just makes it more evident.*

Putting all that aside if I had to explain this I’d say the machine is dropping power. Thermals unless extreme don’t usually shut you down. Just get throttled and possible BSOD. How’s your battery? Laptops need a solid battery even if you leave it plugged in. The bricks are incapable of delivering peak power demands so that gets delivered by the battery which gets replenished. *

01-05-2019, 08:35 PM
My best guess is it's over heating
Well, if that's the case then why when doing the stress tests, nothing happens (except 3DMark)? It overheats when doing them, no? Doesn't make sense, I think.

Have you run prime95?

I mentioned about the battery in the MP, also about the cleaning part, and had no bsod whatsoever, etc.. Take your time and read the whole thing, I know it's a lot, but it keeps me from replying and repeating myself what I already mentioned in the MP and filling this topic with useless replies from me by doing that. :D

A machine that old is incapable of rendering current titles

Like I said, I've played those games mentioned in MP and many others (The Witcher 3, Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor...), for the last 3 years without problems. So, the laptop did handle them...until last year.

My guess is also like you said, it might be related to power. Can't handle it anymore. It had enough, it's dying. R.I.P.
PS: I forgot to mention that I changed the motherboard like 3 years ago and also the adapter 1-2 years ago.