View Full Version : ASUS Aura Sync & Devices Not Found (Found A Fix)

01-06-2019, 05:34 AM
My System:
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
ASUS ROG Strix x99 Motherboard
ASUS GeForce GTZ 1080 TI
G.Skill Trident Z RGB Memory
ASUS Mouse
ASUS Keyboard

ASUS Aura That Works 100% For My System Everytime:
- ASUS Aura 1.06.17 (DOWNLOAD LINK) (https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoSvv5HYpAcpoSemOPu2_wZ8Mhq2)

ASUS Aura That Could Not Find Any Devices:
- ASUS Aura 1.06.95
- ASUS Aura 1.07.22

ASUS Aura That Worked With All Devices BUT GSkill RGB Memory:
- ASUS Aura 1.03.48 BETA
- ASUS Aura 1.03.34

So i go to asus driver website for my motherboard and see only version 1.07.22 and 103.48 BETA and under. i try to search for asus aura software and the main website for it has only version 1.06.95 and 1.07.22 and BETA.

Now i have tried all the versions ASUS has offered but version 1.06 and up will find nothing not one device and the 1.03 and under works with everything BUT the gskill memory rgb.

Now from long time ago i saved the files and this version seems to work everytime with all the rgb lights. I just want to share this and maybe this will fix peoples problem that they been having with the rgbs.

ASUS Aura 1.06.17 (DOWNLOAD LINK) (https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoSvv5HYpAcpoSemOPu2_wZ8Mhq2)

Not sure why asus removed all the 1.06 versions of the software but it will not work without this version.

Follow The Steps:

- Uninstall Old ASUS Aura Software
- Shutdown Computer
- Start PC
- Download ASUS Aura 1.06.17
- After Download Find The Zip File Location
- Right Click On Zip File (Lighting_Control_1.06.17.zip)
- Click On Properties
- Click On Box "Unblock"
- Click On OK
- UnZip Lighting_Control_1.06.17.zip
- Now Open The Lighting_Control_1.06.17 Folder
- Right Click On Setup.exe
- Click On Run As Administrator
- After Install Restart PC

The ASUS Aura Software Should Now Sync All Devices At Least ASUS RGB