View Full Version : HELP| I need help disabling ht on k52jt and graphics driver help...

02-15-2012, 08:34 PM
i would like to know how do you disable hyperthreading (as it sacrifices performence of each core for creating more threads) on the asus k52jt(x52j), as the bios doesn't give you the option to do so. all i want is to have full 2.53 ghz dual core in some applications which do not support quad cores.
i've seen a way to boot into a uefi so how do you install one on such a machine?

The second problem is the laptop having a radeon 6370m hd which is an ati card BUT... the drivers from ati wont work on this(they just wont install saying there is no ati hardware). the only thing i can install is the asus ati drivers which are from may 2011!!!(super old for graphics drivers)
I'm used to update drivers weekly-monthly on my desktop pc (nvidia 470gtx) which improves gaming performance greatly!
and asus won't let me install whatever i want!

is there any hack or bypass to force install the original ati drivers(as the asus ones do allot of problems and are unoptimized)!

i thought i bought a windows pc not to be restricted by such stupid limitations(this ain't apple!) so please help me.

to the moderators: could you please move this thread into the General Hardware, Overclocking & Tweaking section?
thank you.

11-23-2012, 06:07 AM
HI, did you visit ASUS website to download driver? why did you need disable HT function? try disable Intel virtualization Technology in BIOS.