View Full Version : Aura Sync - Is there a different 3rd party software that can control aura sync?

01-25-2019, 11:36 PM
Hi All,

Just wanted to know if there's a different third party app that you can use to control all the aura sync compatible devices as well?

Aura sync works and all but they don't have that many options.

Wanted to know if there's anything that can spice up the lighting in my system.

Thank you,

05-13-2019, 03:52 AM
i'm pretty sure there's not. some bs about the driver to the board. i want the ability of colour cycle to slow down but now know i have to sell my asus motherboard to do it. thanks a fricken lot asus. ruined my build and style i wanted. nzxt hue+ worked really well but i hated the box you had to have