View Full Version : Bios fan control won't adjust 1 fan anymore?

02-04-2019, 09:47 PM
Hi. I have a maximus xi formula. All fans were working fine. I had to do a cmos reset to clear some settings and start fresh. Now 1 of my fans in "Chafan_1" just spins at 1200rpm all the time. Won't adjust. I've run the fan optimiser in bios and in fan expert 3 but still no luck. In fan expert curve editor it shows the fan as NA because I think bios has it locked tp 1200rpm.

It's a 3 pin 120mm nzxt fan. Was fine before and could be adjusted

Anyone know how to fix?

02-04-2019, 09:51 PM
On my Rampage VI Extreme any BIOS over 1301 can't properly control my High Amp Fan Header with 9X Corsair ML140 Pro fans.

1603 can't even spin the fans down....1503 works but not at PWM mode that 1301 works...only in DC mode and can't really adjust the curve anymore. If I touch it then Q-FAN loses control.

This happened after a BIOS update too.

So I second that...did Asus change something in Q-Fan software???