View Full Version : Sonic studio 3, game not start

02-10-2019, 09:45 AM
I have problem with sonic studio 3 and some game on steam.

Ad exemple when I run IL-2 Sturmovik BOS I obtain only the start window with: "IL-2 Sturmovik (Not Respondig)". Same thing with 3DMark.

if I close sonic studio 3 from tray icon then game works fine. Same issue, same solution with 3D Mark.

So yesterday I have installed last driver audio on my asus ROG Z370-G, AUDIO_Realtek_UAD_ASUS_Nahimic_v6.0.1.8627 and sonic studio 3 UWP ver.3.14.0 from microsoft app store, but the problem is not resolved.

Now with new sonic studio 3 UWP I cannot close it from tray icon so with new driver I cannot launch IL-2 and 3DMark.

I cannot uninstall sonic studio 3 because I lost virtual sorround and this is fundamental for game as Rising storm 2, Insurcency sandstorm etc.

Only IL-2 Sturmovik and 3DMark have this problem, all other steam games (40+) works fine.

Any help?

02-10-2019, 08:51 PM
Same thing on HDA and UAD driver. Only solution is to use HDA drivers, make all presets you want and close SS3,uncheck it to not autostart in task manager. Seems all EQ presets saved and work fine after restart. I have no solution for UAD.