View Full Version : Bought an ROG laptop from overseas from an accredited retailer. Fans loud

02-12-2019, 02:06 AM
Hi All,

Bought my GL504GM from MobileAdvance in the US last November and noticed that sometime around December the fan (the left one) has been acting loud and I cannot control it through Game Center. Thinking of possibly having it looked into. I know the product is still under warranty.

Question is, can I have my laptop looked into in the Philippines? I still have the original invoice with me for their reference.

Other than this issue, sounds coming from the speakers is uneven. Sometimes the speakers drop off in volume without me doing anything to it. Is this a common problem from GL504 users?


02-12-2019, 11:02 PM
Products are warrantied within the region in which they are sold. So if you imported a product from another region unfortunately you would generally be responsible for getting it back to that region for servicing. However if the retailer is international they may sell products in different regions so being based somewhere else doesn't necessarily mean it would be considered imported. The way to know for sure would be to contact ASUS support and ask for an RMA. They will tell you if they can't do it.