View Full Version : Feature Request - ROG Strix Flare

02-26-2019, 10:07 PM
I do not own nor have ever owned a gaming KB, and so I've been looking into buying one. I'd love to own a wireless one, but there are too few options out there right now in early 2019 and those options aren't that great just yet. After reviewing pretty much every good gaming KB model out there this week, RGB and not, it seems to be that the Strix Flare (COD) offers a pretty good KB by comparison.

What I noticed after looking at all these KB's on the market is that although many of them allow local KB programming with macros and software based programming, none of them offer any other visible interaction than the software on your PC screen or some lighting feedback on the KB. The feature I'd like to consider is a small LCD screen implanted in the KB face that allows you to get immediate feedback, that's a little bit more complex than just flashing lights. Conceivably one can use KB functions for some KB's without interfacing with the computer software (there's a guide here on this forum for the Flare), so an implanted LCD screen for those types of users would be a very functional feature. Could look cool too, which is a big deal with gaming KB's.

Obviously whichever mfg created such an animal would be the first in class, at least from what I've seen available, since I have never seen such a feature. I don't think (perhaps I'm wrong here) that this would add a significant amount to the production cost. Considering these KB's are already high-priced relative to other peripherals, it's probably not much of a leap to add it.

Just wondering what others thought, including anyone from Asus since I see lots of participation in this forum subsection from Asus. So is this idea out to lunch, or would it actually be useful?

03-16-2019, 04:34 PM
I posted this thread 2-1/2 weeks ago. Based on zero responses I have concluded two things:

1. Although Asus has participated heavily in this gaming KB section, not a single Asus response to this suggestion indicates it's zero priority and really no one is interested. And I realize this is a user forum, makes no difference since it's very likely it was read in 2-1/2 weeks based on other responses here.

2. No users have responded or input either, so for me the takeaway is not many people are using or are interested in this hardware.

Between the two of those above, I think I'm going to forego buying this KB until either of them change. I'd rather not be a guinea pig.