View Full Version : Newcomer needs help with G73JH issues

03-05-2019, 02:44 PM
Hello all - First time poster here.

I have an 8 yr. old G73JH that has several issues.

1. The power button is intermittent
2. The optical drive quit working years ago
3. The machine will boot up to a certain point and then just shut down.

#3 is the biggest problem as it renders the machine unusable. It will boot, but then just shut down, as if it is too hot. The shutdown occurs at different points during startup. Sometimes almost immediately, sometimes all the icons on the desktop will appear and I can open a browser, and then SHUT DOWN!!

I am wondering if a new motherboard would fix all of the above problems, or at least the shutdown issues. I have replaced the motherboard battery (CR2032).

Right now I am awaiting delivery of a new FX705GM, but if possible, I would like to repair the old G73.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.