View Full Version : Asus AI Suite 3 - issues

03-07-2019, 05:11 PM
First and foremost i just need to get off my chest that fan controls on asus boards are absolute garbage, there is worse, but ASUS; stop following the crowd. Please stop trying to hold my hand by forcibly setting my fan speeds or putting restrictions on their power because you think my system will overheat. You've NO IDEA my fan setup or their noise levels. I on the other hand do. I built it.

Let the system builder do it themselves as some of us - surprisingly - are even qualified to do it. I'm not an idiot.

Now, with that off my chest:

In the ASUS AI SUITE 3, i'm finding the AIO PUMP speeds on my z270i (itx) board wont change RPM despite the fan curve being set. (See attached image)

Now, i do NOT have this header hooked up to a pump, it's hooked up to a fan, but this really shouldn't matter, right? Bascially its stuck to full speed, constantly, even though the AI SUITE blatently knows it should be lowing the RPM (Hence the image) once temperatures cool down.

I presume this is a bug in the software (particularly as i can get the RPM to lower to the desired level by re-loading a fan profile).

Whats going on? anyone? And ASUS, please give us back control over our systems, some of us actually run some very complicated fan setups and need full control/access over fans, hitting roadblocks when i've paid hundreds of dollars for your equipment is NOT good practice.

03-07-2019, 11:07 PM
Fan Expert never worked for me either although I was looking forward to it when I bought the Rampage VIE, it kept having a mind of its own also always losing my profiles...eventually I uninstalled it I use Q-FAN in the BIOS instead. This is by far not perfect either but it works for me right now for my 19 Fans + 2X Pumps.

I will eventually get an Aquaero and be done with it but right now I can say that my fan set-up is working fine..not perfect but fine.