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03-10-2019, 10:55 PM
Good day all..

So, recently my SSD in my G750JH decided it was time for the permanent sleep.. It went and I had to go buy a new drive. I did so, installed a new copy of windows and was happy enough to get my laptop back up and running..

One of the programs I run is called Parallels.. Its a remote access program so that when I am at work, I can remote access my laptop at home in the event I need some files or such.. Worked great under the old windows. Since I installed the new windows I am having an interesting issue..

If I have recently used my computer it is in a wake state, and parallel is fine and Im able to connect. When I leave my laptop alone for a while and try it doesnt see it, it says its offline. Based on this its almost like my computer goes into a deep sleep.. I have checked and changed my power settings to not let it sleep but no change. Parallels has asked me to check the "Wake on Lan" box on the wifi adapter but its greyed out.. How do I ungrey it? I really need to access my home computer at times so this is an issue.. HELP PLEASE :D


03-11-2019, 04:03 PM

Thought I would post a pic of what Im talking about..

03-14-2019, 10:29 AM
Thought I would post a pic of what Im talking about..
Looking at the wifi card spec - "WOW" ( i.e wake on wlan ) is supported.
My guess is that you're using windows build-in/update ( i.e MS ) driver instead the one from the manufacture ( link to the "killer package") (http://support.killernetworking.com/software/).
Try to install that one, then check that gray button ( a reboot *might* be needed ).

Please note that even if you're using eth (lan cable) - WOL/WOW usually needs port forwarding rule in the router the PC is connected to ( usually port 7 or 9 ).
lastly, many home users don't have static internet IP - so I hope that "Parallels" app/service solves that for you - otherwise, how do you plan on sending the WOL/WOW command through the internet to your home router ?
To solve it you need DDNS ( dynamic-DNS ) service - i.e a service that register a STATIC DNS name like myhome.NY.USA.com to any DYNAMIC IP your ISP gives your home router.
The DDNS solution is usually based on an internet service provider ( paid/free ) + a local app installed on PC or configuration/applet installed on the router.