View Full Version : G752VS GPU appears to be dead

03-15-2019, 01:30 AM
Hello folks, new to the forums, nice to be here.

So, I'd left a game open to go eat, and on my return I noticed that the computer appeared to have gone to sleep. Long story short, as I've already made progress on partially understanding the issue on a BSOD forum, what I thought was the SSD being corrupted preventing me from booting, repairing, even launching in Safe Mode, is likely GPU related.

I figured this out after reinstalling windows via USB and, upon attempting to install the GPU's driver, no matter where I sourced it from (Asus, Nvidia, Windows Update), as soon as the driver has installed the screen would blacken and I would be granted one chance to look around my desktop before a restart, whereupon we'd be sent back to square-one, the original issue.

So, what could be wrong here? Anything I can really try to determine whether or not my baby is dead or not? I'm competent enough to open her up if necessary.

Thanks folks

GTX 1070, 8GB

03-17-2019, 01:33 AM
If anyone has any even semi relevant past experience they could share, I'd appreciate any and all direction y'all could give me!