View Full Version : My old G550JK ROG HDD loss everything + screen problems

03-18-2019, 10:22 PM

First of all, i'm French, so don't be rude with my English :)

Here is the problem,

I Buyed 1 year ago a new laptop and let my old one away (cause he won't boot anymore and I wanted a new one :D )


Last week i were bored on the night, and wanted to bring it back to take it to work

Anddd, I didn't have any save and the HDD just died :/

I'm now with an empty Computer that boot only on an old W7 disk instal without any driver up and the laptop screen don't work (let"s talk about this later)

Is there a way to download an "original" iso / installation of this computer ?

2nd problem (maybe linked with the drivers problems)

When I let the laptop screen pluged,it won't turn on and my HDMI screen display "no signal"
When I unplug the Laptop screen and restart, HDMI work,
When HDMI work, if I plug the laptop screen nothing happen (even the "dililing" that tell you someting was pluged won't play)

Thanks for your help guys !