View Full Version : GL503VS Overboost Question

03-23-2019, 10:26 AM
Hello, I own the GL503VS and I have a question regarding overboost.

So after following all the guides regarding temps, I undervolted, disabled turbo boost, repasted etc. I get decent temps when fans are running at full speed, like 85 C. But the problem is when I switch to overboost fans only run at full speed for like 30 seconds, then go back to auto fan speeds. If I want to reach max fan speeds again, I have to hit Fn+F5 twice to switch to auto then overboost again, even then the fans do the same thing. Run fast for 30 seconds, then slow down.

I wanted to ask if this is intended behaviour of the fans or my system has a problem. I get heavy throttling when not running overboost so if I could get the fans to run at full speed all the time that would be nice. Thanks in advance.