View Full Version : Factory OS is formatted, warranty valid?

03-23-2019, 12:17 PM
Hey, I am Avinash I recently having some lag issues in my Asus Rog GL503 laptop so I tried to reset my Laptop and something unexpected happened and my window is unable to boot up so I created a bootable usb of windows 10 and formatted c drive and everything is gone my driver's and all softwares
So, I want to reinstall the Factory Os with all drivers and software's so can I claim warranty its been only 1 months.
I don't want to pay more for the reinstallation of os and that was not my fault as there was some lag so tried to refresh my PC and I don't know what happened and system stoped working.

03-25-2019, 06:29 PM
There is not a separate physical copy of the factory image available. You can find all of the drivers and software on the ASUS website support pages. Installing those will allow you to make it like it came from the factory if you like.

05-24-2019, 06:25 AM
Yes warranty is not void .
If you not formmated full harddisk means , then you wont be to use recovery image.wim file.
If you not formmated recovery artition , then you copy recoveryimage.wim file to any usb pendriver , keep it sae .
Usin recoveryimage.wim ,mwe can install adain to many number of times .

You can claim warranty its been only 1 months.

Downloading windows 10 all edition is free, you no need to pay amount , You can install by own . I dont know about product key. If you have already activated windows previouly by usin microosft account , it will be automatically activaed once you reinstall .

You can download all related drivers and softwares from bellow link