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03-24-2019, 02:32 PM
Hy guys !! ( sorry for my bad english )

Like in the title my laptop rog 752vs ( 6700hq +1070 + 16gb ddr4 in one stick ) in some game like CSgo, Pubg don't use at all the GFX.

in csgo my gpu usage is like 17-20% and my frenquency gpu don't go more than 1442mhz . so i have a huge spike between my fps to 300 and under 180 in game is not stable at all.

same for pubg or the gpu is use 30-35% and not stable fps.

in benchmark and others game like APEX i don't have any problem my gpu usage is like 95-98% with a 1900mhz onthe clock speed and more stable fps.

with the benchmark same no one problem with the gpu usage and lock speed

some people say in youtube video it's about the no dual channel for game like cs go - pubg and others what do you think ?
do you have problem like that in game with tis laptop ?

so i wonder why it's happen in this kind of games ? if someone have an ideas thank you by advance.

some details about temps and others stuff


GPU%: 17-20

Temp: 60c

Clock 1442mhz

CPU%: 45-50

Temp: 57-60c


GPU%: 35-40

Temp: 70-72c


CPU%: 45-60

Temp: 60-65c

03-25-2019, 03:11 PM
up no one ? :(:(