View Full Version : ASUS G703GI OUTER LID LOGO CONTROL when closed

04-05-2019, 05:39 PM
I just purchased an ASUS G703GI laptop. The big desktop equivalent. This is my 4th ROG laptop and I am a satisfied ROG laptop user.

I use my laptop as a desktop unit with an external monitor and keyboard and lid closed. I want to keep the lid on this laptop closed with screen off AND still have the ASUS ROG logo on the lid stay lit up. My last G752VS would allow me to keep the lid lights on with the screen off when closed. I cannot get this laptop to do the same no matter what I do. I can't find anything in the bios or the gaming center. Everything there only allows me to control the lights with the lid open. I have searched the net for answers and even looked for another program that will allow me to do this.

The logo is NOT part of the back-light from the monitor screen as it stays lit for about 10 seconds after I close the lid and screen is already off. There has to be a way to make this happen. The G752 VS looked so good all lit up when closed and being used as a desktop . This looks like a boring dud.

Other than that and some loud fan noise from higher temps, I'm really happy with the upgrade.

Help me out guys, I've tried everything.

04-05-2019, 07:28 PM
This looks like a boring dud.


Have you checked the Asus site for an update to the Aura software? I have applied at least one since receiving my 703. You might also check the settings for actions related to closing the lid.

04-05-2019, 07:43 PM
Already did both which is why I'm posting here for help.


06-30-2019, 02:10 PM
I agree with you vezpaz. Such a feature would be nice to have on this laptop. I also own it and the colorful eye would look amazing with the lid closed. Wouldn't ASUS update the AURA Software if we would make a request?