View Full Version : What's wrong with You Asus? Armoury II 3.0.22 - a total mess

04-06-2019, 07:40 PM
Hey there

I've had Spatha like 2 years ago, and now I purchased her again. It's a great hw I tell You. And I also gotten Claymore, not so great, but ok.

Guys...I mean Asus guys. What's wrong with You? On so many levels at the same time. I installed Your Asus Armoury II. It's a mess. General, unusuable mess. I don't even know where to begin.

The thing freezes like hell, You finally made Ai Suite work after two decades, now it's Armoury's turn. It's in version 3.xx.xx. It's not beta, it's a version 3 for goodness sake. Nothing works inside.

I cannot connect to the internet via update, I cannot set my mouse up, because whenever I switch a profile, the whole armoury freezes and most likely crashes. Why do You do this? It's not like You're having a 50 types of SW to take care of. Aura, Armoury AiSuite and that's that. The thing for GPU/VGA is a disaster, delete it from Your project folder.

Come on, this is a terrible thing. It's a 240e keyboard and 180e mouse, not some piece of dung 15e mouse/keyboard set.

Get Your things together, please.



P.S.: Why's Your forums in some gibberish language? [solved it]

//edit: after 5 reinstalls, revo uninstaller, manual registry cleaning, everything works just fine. Please create some uninstaller for Your software, not only Ai Suite. Thank You.