View Full Version : Strix Evolve Mouse and Armoury II software Why the dpi switch values are "elastic"?

05-04-2019, 08:08 PM
I have a Strix Evolve Mouse and the Armoury II software.

This mouse has a dpi switch button and the software lets you set up dpi values for each ON/OFF value.

My issues is that these values are NOT separate and behave differently like they are somehow CONNECTED.


DPI (Led Off) 650
DPI (Led On) 7200

In the Led Off mode the mouse have a certain speed let's say we move the mouse 5 cm on table and it moves 1000 pixels on screen. (Value just as examples not actual values)

Now if I set Led ON to 2000 but I keep Led Off to 650 moving the mouse on table exactly as before for 5 cm on screen it moves 200 pixels.

Both scenarios I'm moving the mouse in the Mod Off 650 dpi I'm not switching

What is going on?

Why those values are related?

Why I can't setup one to whatever value I want and keep it at the same value consistent?

WHEN is the mouse at 650 dpi if it depends of the second option to calculate the dpi value? At what value I need to set up the second option so the first is 650?

This is driving me nuts as I'm trying to play Apex Legends and the mouse doesn't want to cooperate.

Is the mouse broken? Is the software broken? Is this how it should work? But then why? And how do I know when the muse have a certain dpi value?

If someone knows how to setup this mouse for Apex it would be awesome.

Thank You.

05-20-2019, 10:53 PM
is this mouse broken? what is this deal with this mouse I can't keep it consistent.

also what potato server is this forum hosted on. it takes 5 minutes to login and post something here.

08-09-2019, 08:04 AM
Months later the mouse got worse. First it kept disconnected from less than a second, really frustrating if you want to play games with a gaming mouse. Then it got to the point where it remained disconnected till I had to disconnect the USB cable from the computer and reconnected. Then it worked again randomly. One day the mouse would just do this multiple times and hour, other days no issue.

I've made sure to test the mouse on two other computers and got the same result.

A complete and shameful failure and no answer here from Asus is really disappointing.

I didn't knew at the time but this mouse is always on sale and is not promoted by Asus. They knew it has issues.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOUSE, even better get some other brand.

I've ended the struggle by buying a Logitech G603 that works perfectly.