View Full Version : G73 & ThermalTake Massive23 LX Cooler

02-21-2012, 06:14 PM
I'm aware of the miracle that is the G73 cooling system, I just touch 70degrees after about 2hrs under heavy load (BF3, Witcher2, etc..), but preparing for summer as we don't have A/C (California summer mind you, so no 100 degree weather) I bought a Thermaltake Massive23 cooling pad, namely just for getting the laptop off the desk a bit an a bit more airflow. If placed directly under the GPU, it drops by maybe max 5celcius or so, which is all I'd hoped for.

I've read some mixed reviews about which way you want to be blowing air, an seeing how the G73 pushes hot air out the back vents, should I leave the fan blowing air (and dust:( ) up at it? OR mod cooler by turning fan upside down to push air away an create negative pressure to pull heat from the laptop (and not be blowing dust an such at my laptop) ?

02-22-2012, 05:13 PM
Since there are no cooling vents on the bottom it really doesn't matter. All you're doing by using a cooler is circulating air to allow the chassis to radiate more heat. I would leave it as is since the effort wouldn't accomplish much.