View Full Version : asus would like to apologize to 5 of you...

06-02-2019, 08:38 AM
to the 5 people that cant use their aura software...
with happy users of the software in the millions now, the company has stated they have exhausted their efforts to get these 5 people a working aura system within the next 11 years..

Asus Software Development CEO Dward Fardwart had this to say..

"Our software division has put in countless minutes a month, in between facebook and tweeting and taking naps , trying to resolve this issue.
it saddens me greatly that theres only like 5 people who cant use aura, while the systems we build that use icue in house work perfectly to show off at E3.
we plan on doubling our efforts over the next few years, and focusing on a goal where at least 8% of all asus users can experience aura in some form, whether it be watching it working on a youtube video, or maybe a even in person if they drop by our offices and see first hand our glorious rainbow brite city of aura products."

lighting control version 1.8020.6401.8973.2a patch notes say it will even change the color of your car to rainbow, from inside your house!
* ( however still not guaranteed to see your motherboard until the 12th uninstall from a 3rd party software and registry cleaner )

me personally i cant wait til it comes out in 2093 !;)

06-02-2019, 08:45 AM

Funny as this is it is also the sad truth. I am so let down by Aura (and all Asus Software) that I removed everything and can't be bothered anymore.