View Full Version : Asus G752 VSK i7 7820HK GTX 1070 - Screen Problems, High Temp.

06-02-2019, 01:43 PM
I have Asus G752 VSK i7 7820HK GTX 1070 - Screen Problems, High Temp. What's happening?? How to fix it?? Replace the paste or is the graphics problem ???

Temp cpu 80-91C
Temp gpu 88-91C

Video is here look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4DjQ6u4qps

06-02-2019, 04:46 PM
The artifact you're getting is probably not due to the temperature although I cannot be too sure but I personally never had artifacting because of high temperature and I had my GPU reach 95C.
Hopefully its because of software issuse and not hardware.
Try to remove current nvidia drivers and install latest ones or older version.
Remove then with Display Driver Uninstaller.

The GPU temperatures will decrease if you repaste the laptop and clean it. I recommend a good thermal compound like latest noctua paste or something similar.

06-04-2019, 10:56 PM
Holly f****. I got this bios 305 xD


06-05-2019, 01:20 PM
if new bios update firmware is available means then install through system firmware under device manager

06-05-2019, 01:23 PM
Like you, I also get the windows update notification to update my bios; something new, the truth, at 305.
About the temperature it would be good to make a change of pasta, as advised above, and then do tests or explain to the subject that.
I stopped playing Battlefield V, because it reached 95 + in less than 30 min. Before I played more than 3 hours and all good, it's weird.

Asus: G752VS-K