View Full Version : G752VS, BSOD, please Help!!

06-13-2019, 08:11 PM
Hello, I bought this pc a couple of years ago, and since the beginning Im having big problems with different BSODs that seem kind of aleatory.
It never really worked properly.
Ive already reinstalled windows, reinstalled all the original drives, ran multiple fixes suggested by windows website, tested 2 of 4 the memories, uninstalled all ROG features, tried to undervolt and the BSOD keep appearing.
It seems to happen a lot more often when I use softwares that require a lot of CPU./i ahve checked event viewer but no hardware problem was detected.
Ihad a lot of errors in the Application though, like Kernel- PnP, Kernel Power, Bug Check and so on..
I dont use it much for gaming, but run some programs that require high cpu and sometimes memory.
Any help is very welcome, thanks!!

06-13-2019, 08:32 PM
Please verify what model G752VS you have. Run dxdiag.exe and list your model number and bios.

There are a few ASUS programs that run in the background. Have you kept a copy of your eSupport Folder? After reinstalling Windows 10, did you run the ASUS Installation Wizard (AsInsWiz.exe) found in the eSupport Folder? May I suggest you at least install the ROG Gaming Center that will help control the CPU heat. There are many ASUS programs and drivers that are installed in the background to best support your laptop.

Good Luck