View Full Version : Think i send back my ryujin 360

06-23-2019, 02:45 PM
Hello i really pissed off from this cooler and i think about sending back this thing

The first one had to many Air in the system caused noisy pump sounds ok this can happen i maked rma and get a new one

This worked one day fine then i got problems

1. my pc sometime takes longer to reboot then can it happen the fans not showing in ai suite after another boot the fans reapear tried cpu-fan and aio pump connector of my ASUS Maximus ix formula motherboard

2. live dash does not work in windows 1903 just nothing happen if i want to start this in windows 10 1809 it works one time after reinstallation the program after reboot the program just does not start

3. Aura crashes after start and caused destroyed windows 10 so badly that i have to reinstall my whole windows (tried to remove this garbage then after rebooting i got werid errors like the paper bin on drive xyz are damaged deleting to repair?)*
And this on all my drives cause was loosing data and all installed games removed

i never had something like this

The cooler is awesome beside this but i think i send it back and get a other cooler*