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06-28-2019, 09:23 PM
I have a pg27uq and a gigabyte 2080 rtx to auros
And i have this problem when i reboot my pc or powers it on..
Then its random chance if the hz and bpc has changed to 82 hz or 30 hz 8 bpc with 4.2.2 and HDR is disabled.

Going from 98 hz 10 bpc 4.4.4 with HDR

I tryed to reinstall win 10 and installed Nvidia drivers. then i tryed to reboot several times to trigger the problem.
But this time it stayed on the given 98 hz 10 bpc 4.4.4.

Then i installed Asus aura and Trident z royale from G skill..and right after a rreboot then my hz was set to 82 and 8bpc 4.2.2
After another reboot it was set to 30 hz 8 bpc 4.2.2 HDR disabled..very laggy.

So i uninstalled asus aura and Trident z royale and deleted everyfile i could find from these programs. I also removed the gfx card and installed it again.
Then i rebooted over 20 times in a row and the hz was still on 98 with 10 bpc 4.4.4. with HDR like i choosed in the start.

I even had my gfx card for RMA to get another card and the problem was the same..so my guess is that somehow this RGB program messes up my nvidia settings
and i have a theory it is about this file "AacSetup.exe" since both programs installs it.

So its like this..Do i need to controle the colours of my hardware and deal with a random hz mode or i can choose to live with rainbow mode on my hardware.
It is basicly my ramm and motherboard that needs to be controled with aura or trident z royale.

But since the hz rate changes random within 5-10 reboots and it dosent change after 25 reboots with these programs uninstalled, then i call RGB bull**** !

06-30-2019, 12:21 AM
Never mind what i said about the RGB tools..the problem is the same with out the RBG tools..I will RMA the monitor asap
cuz im sick of it !

07-02-2019, 05:32 PM
This all makes me wonder if the newly announced displayport standard is going to improve things when some devices cannot comply with even the current standard.