View Full Version : Asus Vulcan ANC Microphons stoped the working

02-23-2012, 11:21 AM

I've recently purchased this headset, January the 9th.
It has been working flawlessly until yesterday, when the microphone stopped working.
I've checked computer and the headset that the Vulcan had to replace works ok on both integrated and SB X-Fi Titanium card.
I've also checked the cable with a tester and it seems to be also OK.
The only thing that have worried me, is that the microphone mute switch does nothing, i. e., the tester continues giving continuity from one side of the cable to the other.
There are no crosses also.
I always detach the microphone when not using it. And I treat really well the headset, as they are not on the cheap side.
I've seen a guy complaining about the same somewhere else.

Any recommendation before RMA'ing the headset?

Thanks in advance.