View Full Version : Aura Sync Lighting Service Problem

07-13-2019, 01:08 AM
I have loaded up the very latest 1.07.66 lighting control and LiveDash 1.05.06. They work perfectly, but when I start the machine from cold boot I have restart the lighting service via services console one time. After I restart the service everything kicks in and you can run AURA and LiveDash without a hitch. I can reboot the machine over and over it works perfectly every time after.

It's only when I boot up from a cold startup do I have to restart that lighting service to get everything to sync up and software control to start. I also have a 5% to 10% constant cpu utilization idle from the lighting service until it is restarted. Then the whole machine sits around 1% cpu utilization idle

There has to be a bios setting or something keeping it from working from a cold boot. Any thoughts ?

I am referring to my Maximus XI Apex machine build in my sig. I have the Ryujin 360 that utilizes the LiveDash.

07-14-2019, 07:43 AM
we try here the lighting service and did not work for us. at least on the 8 machines.

also going back to older version same results.

there are 2 ways to make these. 1. write a post so eventualy someone will read these in asus dev. 2. a top gun with knowledge with code make a new app that works on all scenarios all ways everytime and always. there is 1 constant the aura chip on all boards appear to be the same. at least on check on z170/z270/z370/z390/x299/x399/etc

unless we do something and make asus HQ read these post and pardom me ASUS, so sorry, take the plug out, these WILL NEVER WILL BE FIX.

If there is a issue with windows, please send to MS to make the changes or add. or make all works. I am feed up with these issues and these is coming for at least 2 years.

these has to work the first time out of the box for all every single time always. I am mad. and getting communications from my community here that a fix. I try to help, some do work. and others no way to get it in regardless what i do. some works. some do not. some old version others even... ahhhh.

Let see if the huge amount of post get somewhere.