View Full Version : G51vx noise issue

12-31-2010, 03:27 PM
Good morning all,

Recently and quite randomly my g51 started making a rather awful rattling like noise. the best way it can be described is it sounds like a loose screw on a vibrating piece of metal. i have been fooling with it for days now. Checked the case all around for loose pieces, inside and out. I would have to guess the cooling fan is going bad, as the noise is random and starts and stops. I am unable to find any common issues like this in searches and im also having issues finding a replacement fan for it. If someone could point me in the right direction or has any suggestions it would be appreciated

01-02-2011, 11:06 AM

It sounds like the fan may be failing. try loading your CPU or GPU to engage the cooling fan and listen if the problem is more prevalent when the fan is on or off.

you can use a program like "Prime95" to heat the CPU or "FurmarK" to heat the GPU

I have located some sources for you to acquire a replacement fan
first is a replacement fan: http://www.acceport.com/product_info.php?language=en&currency=USD&products_id=1797
second is a replacement cooling assembly: http://compare.ebay.com/like/300486424989?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&rvr_id=192652200147&crlp=1_263602_309572&UA=%3F*S%3F&GUID=cc71e08612c0a0aa1564e364ffe489ea&itemid=300486424989&ff4=263602_309572

You can slo keep an eye out on the ASUS eStore for replacement parts: http://compare.ebay.com/like/300486424989?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&rvr_id=192652200147&crlp=1_263602_309572&UA=%3F*S%3F&GUID=cc71e08612c0a0aa1564e364ffe489ea&itemid=300486424989&ff4=263602_309572
Currently the cooling fan is not available on the eStore