View Full Version : Armoury and ROG Spatha Profiles Question

07-19-2019, 10:32 PM
I desperately need more than 5 custom profiles for my mouse. I play too many different games, all of which I remap the whole mouse for and generally have different sensitivities for as well. I have some progressively worsening arthritis that's most predominant in my left hand/wrist so it's much easier and more comfortable to map as many controls as possible to the mouse in every game.

Is there a config file or ini somewhere that contains the custom profiles that I could save and swap when I want a different set of profiles? I was thinking I could maintain multiple backups of the file with varying games profiles.

Any help finding such a file or suggestions to maybe run a 2nd instance/install of armoury would be much appreciated!
Be well :)

07-24-2019, 10:21 PM
Anyone? The program has to save its profiles somewhere right? I tried attaching Process Monitor to the Armoury process however I wasn't able find it interacting with anything other than the Claymore mouse profiles, and system files which oddly enough the process seems to unlock, read, then re-lock the Claymore profiles 1000s of times per minute despite me not having a Claymore. I thought maybe my Spatha was using these profiles but its not as they haven't been modified since installing the software .

I got excited upon finding Documents\ASUS\ROG\ROG Armoury\SPATHA\Profile but the folder is empty -_-

I also tried making a copy of the whole install dir, changing profile settings, then restoring the original copy but the profile changes persisted leading me to believe the Spatha profiles must not be stored in the Install directory.

I've searched the drive for anything Asus/Armoury/ROG/Spatha related and am at a loss at this point. I'm stuck taking multiple screenshots of profile settings before changing them to another game. Its super tedious lol

Can someone from Asus please chime in on where the profiles are stored for the Spatha? The install directory for Armoury contains Config_Claymore, Config_GladiusII, Config_Pugio, and Config_StrixImpact folders with profile files inside yet there's no Config_Spatha present so where is the software saving the presets for my Spatha?

Is there anyway for me to have more profiles?