View Full Version : Strix Hero III G731GV Bottom/Side LED Off - Resolved

07-26-2019, 01:31 AM
The LED on the sides and bottom of my laptop is working a while ago, but when I installed the Aura Sync app, it just turned off. I uninstalled Aura Sync and reinstalled the default Armoury Crate but it still doesn't turn the side and bottom LEDs on. Anyone can help out?

07-26-2019, 01:50 PM
This is resolved. Here are the details for people who may have similar problem.

Problem: LED on bottom and side of laptop is turned off, but keyboard LED is working and can change colors.

Cause: I reinstalled Windows 10 and installed Aura Sync 1.07.66 (https://www.asus.com/campaign/aura/us/download.html) since I assumed that's the original application used to change LED colors across all Asus products. Upon opening the program, LED on the bottom/sides switched off and no option on Aura Sync was found to turn it on. Aura Sync does allow me to change colors, brightness of the keyboard LED.

- Using CCleaner, uninstall Aura Sync and all the RGB components that installed with it.
- Clean registry and restart
- From the ASUS support website of my laptop G731GV, download and install "ASUS System Control Interface V2", "ROGLiveServicePackage", "ARMOURY CRATE Service" (any version)
- Still from the ASUS support website, download and install "ArmouryCrateService & ROGLiveService UpdatePackage" to update.
- From Microsoft Store of Windows 10, download and install "Armoury Crate"
- Restart
- Start Armoury Crate -> System -> Lighting -> Settings -> Lightbar [X] to turn bottom/side LEDs on and sync with the colors you have set for the keyboard.
* you can use Amoury Crate to change the colors of LED, fan speed, view hardware monitoring numbers, etc.