View Full Version : G752VT - Problem with the installation Asus Splendid after upgrading to Windows 10

07-29-2019, 09:51 AM
I can not install the ASUS Splendid software after updating to winows 10 1903. The installation program starts working, after which I pop out a black window and nothing happens. I have to shut them down with a taskmanager. How do I install ASUS Splendid?

07-29-2019, 10:43 AM
If you have ROG GameVisual installed, ASUS Splendid is removed as part of its' installation. ROG GameVisual has the problem with Windows 1903. Right now ROG GameVisual is difficult to uninstall. Run Msconfig.exe, Boot Tab, Safe Boot, Apply, then reboot. Once in Safe Boot, remove ROG GameVisual manually delete (Program Files (x86)/ASUS/ROG Gamevisual, then reboot. Run Msconfig.exe again, Boot Tab, untick Safe, apply. Use Revo Uninstaller to completely remove all registery entries of ROG Gamevisual.

Once that is all done, then ASUS Splendid can be installed normally.

07-29-2019, 11:01 AM
I do not have ROG Game Visual installed. I have only ROG Gaming Center, ROG Macrokey and ROG ROG Game First IV.